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Interesting Web Dev Things 1 Oct 2013

  • Chrome will block Netscape plug-in API (NPAPI) from Jan 2014
    • Silverlight, Java (currently blocked), Google Earth + more will be blocked to address security and stability issues.

How to get the default control template for a XAML control without Expression Blend

If you need to get to the default control template for a 3rd party XAML control that you’re working on and you don’t have Expression Blend, one way is to use the following project.

  1. Download the “Show me the Template” project from Chris Sells’ site
  2. Open the project and add your third party assembly that you want the default template from
  3. Modify both code behind files reference to the PresentationFramework to point to the new reference and run the project

For Microsoft controls check this MSDN link