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Interesting Web Dev Things 4 Feb 14


Interesting Web Dev Things 13 Jan 14

Interesting Web Dev Things 23 Aug 13

  • Lighting similation of WebGL vs Canvas vs SVG
  • WebKit now supports srcset“This allows you, the developer, to specify higher-quality images for your users who have high-resolution displays, without penalizing the users who don’t”
  • Secure data visualization for a range of popular data sources (Azure, Amazon RDS, google bigdata) – ChartIO
  • You can use What Font is, to identify fonts

Web tracing, CSS centering, HTML5 security, angular.js

HTML5 – Financial Times Web App Case Study

A must read for web developers – HTML5 development case study – Financial Times <Smashing Magazine>

– More complex CSS as opposed to Flexbox for performance on smaller components
– They created an Ellipsis library for multi-line text-overflow support
– Module prefixed CSS classes
– Component mindset – “application-specific controller assembles each layout and is the brain behind everything”
– Single vector-based solution for high-res icons
– Combination of WOFF, TTF fonts