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Interesting Web Dev Things 1 Oct 2013

  • Chrome will block Netscape plug-in API (NPAPI) from Jan 2014
    • Silverlight, Java (currently blocked), Google Earth + more will be blocked to address security and stability issues.

Interesting Web Dev Things 20 Sept 13

Interesting Web Dev Things 9 Sep 2013

Internet Wrongs, Scalability sins + other dev links

– Stop Doing Internet Wrong <Scott Hanselman> – Agreed; I don’t want to install your app, please give me the web version 🙂
5 More Things Deadly to Scalability <Sean Hull>
Microsoft Office arrives for iOS – looks to be only the US store at this stage
jQuery.each vs for loop – Don’t you just love micro-optimization comparisons
3 Tips for New Scrum Masters <Mike Cohn>